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The Model Cellar is a manufacturer of military miniatures and historical figurines.  We produce a range of figures, busts, and diorama and model kit accessories with a special interest in The Great War 1914-1918 (World War I). 

Please note: all of our products are unbuilt, unpainted model kits, figurines or accessories

**all items require assembly and painting**


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BoneHead Models

   Click here to see BoneHead Models by Mike Good

available exclusively from The Model Cellar





1/35 scale WWI German Artillery Crew & Accessories

(For the Krupp 21cm Morser)




WWI German Artillery Crew set

includes 3 figures

Plus 6 projectiles & 6 charge canisters



   MC35127  WWI German Artillery set (3 figs + Accessories)




   MC35124                            MC35125                        MC35126                       MC35128

   Artillery Officer                       Gun Layer                    Charge Carrier                    Accessories

     $18.50                                   $18.50                            $18.50                               $5.00



   MC35124  WWI German Artillery Officer                          

   MC35125  WWI German Artillery Crew - Gun Layer        

   MC35126  WWI German Artillery Crew - Charge Carrier

   MC35128   Accessories for 21 cm Morser (includes 6 projectiles and 6 charge canisters)



(note:  Sandbag Sections and Trench Supports in the diorama are also Model Cellar products - see our catalog page)





Three WWI British RFC figures (all sculpted by Mike Good)



WWI RFC Maintenance Sargent









WWI British RFC Pilot #2

(in open coat)









WWI British RFC Lewis Gunner









WWI British Pilot and Lewis Gunner

(combo set)










"Defending the Position"  vignette #4



WWI German Officer






The German Officer can be built separately or combined with

  the Grenade Thrower (MC75014), the Rifleman (MC75012) and the Machine Gunner (MC75013)

to create a larger vignette as shown below:

see the others below

each piece sold separately








MC75016                 75mm

British Officer  1801 Egypt

(Sculpted by Mike Good)







Confederate Soldier  US Civil War

(sculpted by Anders Heintz)


MC32010          54mm








1/32 British RFC Pilot & Mechanic

sold separately or as a set

(sculpted by Mike Good)



MC32018                      MC32019                    MC32020

$22.50                         $22.50                          $41.00


MC32018   WWI British RFC Mechanic       
MC32019  WWI British RFC Pilot                 
 MC32020  WWI British RFC Pilot & Mechanic (combo set)   






"Defending the Position"  vignette #3



WWI German Grenade Thrower






Build separately or combine the Grenade thrower with the Rifleman (MC75012) and the Machine Gunner (MC75013)

to create a larger vignette as shown below:



All pieces sold separately

(sculpted by Carl Reid)




Shown above is the Rifleman (75012) and Machine Gunner (75013)

combined to form a midrange vignette




MC75012                                          MC75013      

Rifleman                                       Machine Gunner

$45.00                                               $45.00         


 MC75012  WWI German vignette - Rifleman            


MC75013  WWI German vignette - Machine Gunner  






MC10B01         1/10 scale

WWI British RFC Pilot











MC19020           1/9 Scale

WWI Austro Hungarian

Alpine Ski Trooper








MC19018             1/9 scale

WWI US Marine

Belleau Wood 1918








1/24 scale (75mm)



MC24001                      1/24 scale (75mm)

Manfred von Richthofen

(sculpted by Mike Good)




designed for the new 1/24 Fokker DR.I  From Merit International:







MC19019             1/9 scale

WWI Italian Alpini









MC19017                            1/9 scale

WWI German Tanker bust

(comes with complete bare head)

(includes optional tanker helmet)








1/35 scale WWI German Tank Troops




MC35121            MC35122             MC35123            MC35120


Please go to Catalog page to order






1/35 scale WWI French Tankers



MC35118                                                                 MC35119                                               

$18.50                                                                      $18.50                                               


MC35118  French Tanker #2        

MC35119  St Chamond crew        


1/35 scale



MC35117                       1/35 scale

WWI French Tanker

(includes 2 alternate heads)



MC35117  WWI French Tanker      







MC32022            1/32 scale (54mm)

Oswald Boelcke











MC19013            1/9 scale                   MC19014              1/9scale

WWI British Trench Raider                  WWI German Trenc Raider

$47.00                                                   $47.00


    WWI British Trench Raider   


     WWI German Trench Raider






Accessory for the WWI British Male/Female Mk.IV

from Takom or Tamiya



MC35105    1/35 scale

CRIB - Mk.IV Trench Crossing Device







BoneHead Models

By Mike Good




1/9 scale                       200mm

SS Squad Leader - Russia 1941

(Sculpted by Mike Good)









1/35 Scale:


MC35102                            1/35 scale

WWI British Infantry 1916 Somme










MC12016                                                                        120mm

WWI German Aviators

Pilot & Observer








1/24 Scale                         75mm



MC25014                                              75mm

Panzer II Commander & Crewman Combo Set

(sculpted by Mike Good)





Also Sold separately:


    MC25012   Panzer II Commander    $22.50
    MC25013   Panzer Crewman   $22.50         





1/9 scale bust




MC19008                                          1/9 scale

Seaforth Highlander Stretcher Bearer











MC75005              75mm

Valley Forge Militia

(sculpted by Mike Blank)








as an accessory for the new 1/16 scale Renault FT-17 by Takom

120mm figures (1/16 scale)



                  MC12014                                                   MC12006

               WWI French Tanker 1916-18                                 LTC Patton        

                                                                                      Meuse-Argonne 1918

               $34.00                                                            $28.50



      WWI French Tanker 1916-18       

    LTC Patton   Meuse-Argonne 1918












MC75007                                  75mm


44th Foot 

Last Stand at Gandamak #3

(sculpted by Maurice Corry)








MC32021                       1/32 scale


Max Immelman







MC19012                      1/9 scale


Australian Light Horse - Beersheba








MC48007            1/48 scale


WWI British RFC

Pilot & Mechanic set




also sold separately - check our catalog





MC32008                     1/32 scale


WWI German Pilot & Mechanic








MC19010          1/9 Scale


"Over The Top"

Captain 2/5th Bn.

Gloucestrshire Regiment

61st Division 1916

(Sculpted by Carl Reid)







MC19015                     1/9 scale


Japanese Infantryman

Russo-Japanese War 1904-05







MC75008                      75mm

French Drummer

Franco-Prussian War

(includes scenic base)








MC120B08                        1/16 scale (120mm)


4th Light Dragoons Trumpeter

Crimea 1854






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